Those who tell the stories rule the world

Today’s interdependent, global economy requires a skilled workforce that is able to motivate others to take action. And the most efficient and effective engine for motivation is story. Yet, storytelling is seldom promoted as a hard skill people need to hone and shape to be successful at work.

We believe the ability to tell complex stories simply across all business mediums — from concept through execution — is the one truth that separates those that lead and those that follow. So whether you’re a new-comer to marketing & creative or a working professional looking to build your skills, this workshop was designed with you in mind.

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module 1 - Framing the Problem

Day 1: Thinc Session / Backgrounding

  • Learn about data-mining techniques, insight gathering methods and strategic “platforming.”

  • See how others have developed a “true north” for different brands.

  • Hear stories from those that turned their labors of love into thriving endeavors by being strategic and intentional.

Day 2: Do Session / Finding a True North

  •  Define the parameters of your universe: How you fit in and stand out.

  • Ink a “why” statement and define an offering that customers need and want.

  • Write a transformational creative brief and a roadmap for success.

  • Design the “Job To Be Done” (JTBD).

  • Align talent with tasks.

  • Homework assigned…

May 10th & 11th

Friday 1pm-5pm (thinc session)
Saturday 9am-5pm (do session)


326 Broad St.

Utica, NY


Module 2 - Thinking out loud

Day 3: Thinc Session / Blue-sky Thinking

  •  Learn about human-centered design methodologies and how to develop breakthrough thinking.   

  • Hear how big ideas are born.

  • See how to turn an idea from a noun into a verb.

  • Unpack a specific communication challenge and design a three-point framework to solve that challenge.   

Day 4: Do Session / Whiteboarding

  • Get up and shout — Whiteboarding and brainstorming as a team exercise.

  • Break out and write it down — Small team sprints to find emotional insights.

  • Work out verbal articulations of the brand — Foundational “do’s and don’ts.” 

  • Homework assigned…

May 17th & 18th

Friday 1pm-5pm (thinc session)
Saturday 9am-5pm (do session)


326 Broad St. Utica, NY


Module 3 - Solution design

Day 5: Thinc Session / Working Collaboratively

  •  Learn how creatives organize and execute and how marketers create demand and communicate objectives.

  • Hear how to commission work, assess quality, value and performance.  

  • See how not all work is created equal.

  • Uncover tricks, tools and tactics from best-in-class partnerships.

  •  Design and assign execution, optimization and measurement activities.

  •  Come to agreement on minimum viable product and workflow priorities.

Day 6: Do Session / Taking and Giving

  • Get moving on channel and communication tactics.

  • Give actionable feedback.

  • Come prepared to edit.

  • Find comfort in adjusting your work to make it better. 

  • Edit, change and make it better.

  • Homework assigned…

May 31th & JUNE 1st

Friday 1pm-5pm (thinc session)
Saturday 9am-5pm (do session)


326 Broad St. Utica, NY


Module 4 - Execution

Day 7: Thinc / Story Matters

  • Learn how to give a great, authentic and emotional presentation.

  • Hear how to use tools like PowerPoint to support not distract from the story you’re selling.   

  • See how others are using social media and other alternative methods to get the word out to customers.

  • Discuss how to work and remain a part of the marketing and creative communities of CNY.

  • Hear how this program is a pilot for other rust belt initiatives: Your feedback is wanted and needed.

  • Edit, change and make it better extended

 Day 8: Do Session / Brand+Story+Launch

  • Edit, change and make it better. Work to be completed.

  • Go to market executions shared and handed off to clients.

  • Cheers, tears and laughter.

  • Next steps established…

JUNE 7th & 8th

Friday 1pm-5pm (thinc session)
Saturday 9am-5pm (do session)


326 Broad St. Utica, NY / On Location



Open Feedback Session.


June 10th-21st